Trusting Christ Through Trauma

August 18, 2012 — 60 Comments

It is 4:50 am on Saturday morning, and I cannot sleep.

On Friday morning my Mom was involved in a bike accident which was labeled by the doctors as a “moderate to very severe.”

This included injuries to the head and the prognosis ranged from her getting completely better, to having severe disabilities, to not making it.

We are still not entirely sure of what the outcome will be, although there have been encouraging signs.

When the news hit me like a splash of cold water, my mind started running in all sorts of directions.

I raced down every trail until the details and implications became too unbearable.

Then I would come back to reality for a brief couple of minutes, before another psychological workout began.

As these emotions were swirling, and the blur of encouraging messages, phone calls, and visits continued throughout the day, there was the real sense of the Lord’s goodness despite the circumstances.


I was reminded that my Mom is a gift from the Lord, and she will not always be with us.

This life is a vapor, here for a moment and gone in another. God has graciously given our family and the rest of the world the gift of Diane Schreiner; a servant of the Lord, a committed mother and wife, a lover of the Church, and one redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.

But this is not her home. God will call her name someday to join him in eternal life.

As the doctors were working on her I was simply thankful that in the kindness of the Lord he had given someone so undeserving as myself, and the rest of the world, such a good gift.


I was also aware of this strange sense of peace in my heart.

I cannot remember a time when I did not believe that God was in control of all things. It was, and is the air I breathe.

Trying to cope with the big questions of life in a tragedy like this without The Sovereign Solid Rock beneath my feet, seems to me like attemping to fly with no wings.

But this did not make us, or those who prayed with us, cold hardened accepters of fate.

Rather the earnest prayers of the saints were made in faith and hope that prayer can throw mountains in the sea. Joshua lifted his arms and the sun stood still, and we cried out to God to do the miraculous.

We all truly believe that our prayers can change the course of history.


Finally, I was reminded that my mom is severely loved.

When we came home later that night after an exhausting day,  I had the chance to sit down and read all the messages and notes from people who said they were praying.

The World was praying for my Mom. The World was praying for my Mom!

And I started to think about all the spiritual darkness in the World, and here was a shot of light in the darkness. The prayers of the saints had to be disturbing the spiritual forces of darkness, and I could not help but smile at my enemy and be reminded that I am not alone in this fight.

We have an army, and our leader is the Messiah.

No matter what is taken away from us, his promises stand true, and he is coming again to re-unite all things to himself.