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One of my favorite songs right now. Listen to the longing for freedom and the drowning of misery.

In its narrative context, this was a powerful song in the movie “12 Years a Slave.” What a great example of contextualization!

Tasting momentum, they are becoming one of western Canada’s most promising new exports having just returned from the ranks of Toronto’s smorgasbord festival, CMW and showcasing with one of the world’s leading artist firms, the Agency Group. One year ago, while still operating under his namesake, frontman, Reuben Bullock made some wise chance encounters during his time gigging in Mexico. A mutual friend, who ran a smoothie bar, introduced him to Florence and the Machine’s drummer, Christopher Hayden, and the two quickly began conjuring projects together — first in London and later in Calgary.

In 2012, Reuben and the Dark consistently toured the vast stretch between Vancouver and New York; they made the journey up to Yellowknife and had impactful sets at Calgary Folk Music Festival, becoming a favourite new musical discovery for many. In the latter weeks of the year, the band made a CBC Radio endorsed live album and performed at Welcome to the West’s Third Anniversary before heading into OCL Studios to record their upcoming album, Funeral Sky.

With the new Ray Lay album out, I was reminded of my favorite song by this great artist.