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Too bad it is already getting sub par reviews.

The Hobbit / New Trailer

September 19, 2012 — Leave a comment

Don’t watch this too many times because if you do these scenes might seem trite when you view them on the big screen.

Two much anticipated trailers for your viewing pleasure.




June 29, 2011 — 1 Comment

Pixar meets Braveheart meets girl. You can watch the teaser for Brave below.


Summer is a good time to save money and not go to the theaters. As some call it, these are the days of summer movie doldrums. But on Friday, a movie called The Tree of Life comes out. Now I don’t know if it will be any good. Usually Brad Pitt movies are either a huge flop, or really intriguing and well made. This one looks like it is thoughtful and has potential.


Here are some reviews from the huffington post and AM New York,