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Some Albums from 2010

December 9, 2010 — 5 Comments

It would be hard for me to label these as the “best” albums of 2010 (see list from 2009) because what I constitute best might not even come close to your definition of best.  With that said, here are the albums from 2010 that I found myself listening to multiple times, sometimes over and over again.  Obviously I stick generally to what some would call indie, others alternative, others rock.

(Click on the link to hear the bands most popular song from this album)

  1. Arcade Fire: The Suburbs (I have never heard a rock album put together so well from start to finish, its a masterpiece)
  2. The NationalHigh Violet (This guy has the most monotone voice, which makes him sound somewhat like Johnny Cash (somewhat).  It makes for a unique listening experience)
  3. Yeasayer: Odd Blood (Creative, 80’s sounding work out album)
  4. Sufjan Stevens:The Age of Adz (Okay, I almost took this one off, and maybe I will regret putting it on.  There are a couple songs that are really good and a couple that are really bad, but I just kept listening to it)
  5. Sleigh Bells: Treats (I found Robin Hilton’s description of this album the best so here it is:  I wouldn’t fault anyone for finding this album obnoxious. It’s terribly loud, incredibly brash and full of screaming, and the whole mix is heavily processed and blown-out. The rhythms are explosive blasts more than drum beats, and the synths are piercing and caustic. But every time a song from Treats comes up on my iPod, I just feel so alive! It’s a take-no-prisoners album. Every track makes me feel as if I could rip my house off its foundation. I can’t say Treats is an instant classic or one critics will be talking about a generation from now, but it’s one of the year’s most potent and unforgettable recordings.
  6. The Black Keys: Brothers (Just buy this bluesy album, you won’t hear anything like it)
  7. Delta Spirit: History From Below (The soulful impassioned voice of the lead singer carries this album.)
  8. Jonsi: Go (You have to listen for yourself.  Can you describe music like this?)

What did I miss from 2010?

The NPR listener’s have chosen their top 50 albums of 2010 thus far.  There might be some good finds in here.  Here are the top 20.

  1. Gorillaz:  Plastic Beach
  2. The National:  High Violet
  3. The Black Keys:  Brothers
  4. Broken Bells:  Broken Bells
  5. LCD Soundsystem:  This Is Happening
  6. Vampire Weekend:  Contra
  7. Beach House:  Teen Dream
  8. Mumford and Sons:  Sigh No More
  9. Spoon:  Transference
  10. Sleigh Bells:  Treats
  11. Local Natives:  Gorilla Manor
  12. Yeasayer:  Odd Blood
  13. The New Pornographers:  Together
  14. Flying Lotus:  Cosmogramma
  15. She & Him:  Volume Two
  16. Band of Horses:  Infinite Arms
  17. Jonsi:  Go
  18. The Knife:  Tomorrow, In A Year
  19. Broken Social Scene:  Forgiveness Rock Record
  20. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings:  I Learned The Hard Way

My Top 5 Albums of 2009

February 3, 2010 — 2 Comments

I know this is a little late but here are my top 5 albums of 2009.

1.  Mumford & Sons:  Sigh No More / they combine bluegrass with rock to produce an amazing sound…it always builds into an emotional frenzy and the lyrics are brilliant  (First song to listen to:  The Cave)

2.  The Avett Brothers:  I and Love and You / piano and banjo ballads…can’t go wrong here  (First song:  I and Love and You)

3.  Regina Spektor:  Far / a russian-american who always has a knack for writing songs that make you laugh, and then stop and think  (First song:  Eet)

4.  Phoenix:  Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix / as itunes describes it: carefree, buoyant pop, full of snapping tom drums, percolating guitars, and melodic hooks  (First song:  1901)

5.  Animal Collective:  Merriweather Post Pavilion / never thought this one would be on the top 5 but their strange sound grows on you…beach boys influenced vocals and some techno ambient sounds create a unique experience.  (First song to listen to:  My Girls)

Noteable:  The Low Anthem (can’t put it on there because I have not bought it yet) and Muse: The Resistance

My brothers make fun of me for having so many movie scores on my ipod.  I like listening to them while I study or read.  This is my list of the top movie scores.  I am limiting this list to calssical music.  There are a lot of good movie soundtracks (Garden State, Little Miss Sunshine, O Brother Where Art Thou etc..) but that is for another list.  I have not kept up with the movie scores in the past six months so this list may be a little dated.  Oh yeah and they are in no particular order.  They are all good, and it was too hard to put them in order.  Clearly I have some favorite composers.  Next week I will give my favorite Movie Score individual songs.

The Lord of the Rings:  Howard Shore

Gladiator: Hans Zimmer

Legends of the Fall: James Horner

Edward Scissorshands:  Danny Elfman

The Mission:  Ennio Morricone

Hook:  John Williams

A Beautiful Mind:  James Horner

Braveheart: James Horner

Pirates of the Caribbean:  Hans Zimmer


Glory: James Horner

Notable Mentions:

The Last Samurai:  Hans Zimmer

Pan’s Labyrinth:  Javier Navarette

Chariots of Fire: