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Wise words from Kevin Williams:


1. How do I know I am called to street preach? 00:00:44
2. Taping yourself open-air preaching and putting it up on youtube, why? 00:03:40
3. What does bad and good open-air preaching look like? 00:05:43
4. Is “drive by” open-air preaching wrong? How important is a local church? 00:09:00
5. Is it important to be part of a local church and have accountability? 00:12:28
6. How do you respond to the hatred you are met with? 00:13:49
7. How important are one on one conversations? 00:16:15
8. Are you going out in love? 00:17:37
9. Is doing “shock and awe” evangelism biblical? 00:20:12
10. Do people understand the Christian terms that you are using? 00:24:25
11. How important is it to have scripture memorized? 00:25:32
12. Is it important to know the LAWS of the land? 00:26:11
13. Is Christ or Apologetics your Focus in Open-Air Preaching? 00:28:07
14. How do you engage a heckler? 00:33:17
15. Where is a good spot to open-air preach at? 00:36:01
16. Don’t let getting large crowds become an idol. 00:40:56
17. Are there open-air preachers who are lost and not saved themselves? 00:42:45
18. Be careful to not appear self-righteousness while open-air preaching. 00:46:17
19. Advice on answering people’s questions in the open-air. 00:49:35
20. What should the length of my message be? 00:53:56
21. What makes a solid gospel tract? 00:55:03
22. Is it biblical to hand out cartoon gospel tracts that are gimmicky? 00:56:04

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The point of this post is not to create another personality cult, not to give my pastor pub, but to help you grow in your devotion to Christ.

The point of this post is to get you to listen to Ryan Fullerton.

I have sat under the following pastors.  (I do not say this to pat myself on the back, but rather to give evidence of God’s faithfulness to me.)

At this point, I am at Immanuel Baptist Church, and my current “preaching” pastor, Ryan Fullerton, continually amazes me and effectively draws me towards holiness and Christ-likeness.  Although you may have not heard of Ryan, he is up there as one of the best pastors I have ever heard.

Get this guy on the conference circuit!

And please listen to his sermon from two weeks ago on Zacchaeus called Jesus Saves the Worst of Sinners.

Ryan Fullerton at SBTS

October 19, 2010 — Leave a comment

My pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church, Ryan Fullerton, gave a powerful sermon on the example of the preacher in chapel today. Listen or watch it HERE.

Justin Taylor asked some “famous” people to give their most influential articles/sermons.  It would be great list to read through.