Israel Matters Review

August 7, 2017 — 2 Comments

Over at TGC I did a review of Gerald McDermott’s new book Israel Matters. I conclude with the following.

McDermott presents two ways on this issue: supersessionism or New Zionism. But why are those the only options? I offer my most significant critique by proposing a third way: “fulfillment.”[2] This avoids clunky statements like “the church replaces Israel” and also provides more information about what it means that “Israel matters.”

Fulfillment avoids two misunderstandings: (1) that Jesus came to set aside old promises, and (2) that Jesus simply came to say the old promises continue in the same way. Jesus didn’t come to abrogate the law or to simply affirm it; he came to fulfill it. The New Testament authors argue that Jesus fulfills the law and the identity of Israel, and the church is an outgrowth of this fulfillment. The tension between the new and the old is illustrated and encapsulated in the word “fulfillment.”

These positions can be put on a spectrum:

Christ Abrogates the Law ––––––––– Christ Fulfills the Law –––––––– Christ Affirms the Law

To put these positions in the terms of this book, the “abrogate” position maps onto supersessionism, and the “affirm” position maps onto New Christian Zionism.

Supersessionism ––––––––– Fulfillment –––––––– New Christian Zionism

It seems to me that McDermott falls into the trap that Jesus avoids in Matthew 5. The law is neither simply abrogated nor affirmed, because the environment has completely changed: Christ is here, and that makes all the difference.

McDermott’s proposal has some attractive features, but I think he falls too far on the affirming side of the spectrum. By using the third way of “fulfillment” we can still affirm that Israel matters, but then we can ask, “In what way?” All our answers must come only after we’ve grappled with our Christology, the triune nature of God, and the biblical storyline.

Patrick Schreiner

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2 responses to Israel Matters Review

  1. The option you discuss sounds similar to what I’ve read of remnant theology. Have you ever read much about that understanding? I feel like it makes by far the best sense of the talk of Israel in Romans (especially 11). The two extremes you mention seem to be to be the result of the church having an incorrect view of early church history (I believe largely because the church in Rome ignored Paul’s warning not to be arrogant).

    Neither makes any sense when you think about who the earliest disciples of Christ were, even after Pentecost. They were faithful Israel. Gentiles being part of the church was such a foreign thought initially that God had to send Peter a vision to get him to accept it (and speaking in tongues was used to confirm Cornelius), though the prophets spoke of the reality of it well before.

    The church isn’t the gentile people of God that either replaced Israel or is God’s people only for an age. It is faithful Israel that the faithful of all nations are grafted into.

  2. For a gospel man u sure dont know its audience is “SINNERS”. And the simplest msg on the “roof tops” is EXACTLY what they need.As Jesus himself stated as the correct way of preaching the gospel. Which is why they need to repeat it in paul the Apostle. Ur problem is just like every other religious leader out there. U criticize,its all about you and ur qualifications,position and control. Less u,more Jesus. Dude we dont care what u done and what u claim to know. ALL PEOPLE NEED KNOW IS JESUS CHRIST CRUCIFIED. GLORY TO CHRIST ALONE IN THE HIGHEST. But who is ur ONLY TEACHER BUT CHRIST HIMSELF. u false Christs only clutter a Beautiful msg with idiotic human theory driven by ego whilst forgetting the basic teachings of Christ. Trust the HOLY SPIRIT ALONE WITHIN U FOLKS KNOWING CHRIST IS UR ONLY SAVIOR REGARDLESS OF WHAT U KNOW CAUSE ITS WHO U KNOW WHICH COUNTS IN THE END THATS A MUSTARD SEED NAME JESUS CHRIST.A child does this effortlessly

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