Family Christmas Letter

December 22, 2009 — Leave a comment

Here is the Schreiner’s 2009 Christmas Letter.

Dear Family and Friends,

The men working on the house reach down and pick up a stone.  It is crude, misshapen, and rough around the edges.  Not strong as they think of strong.  In fact the stone looks as if it is about to break, or strangely, even willing to break.  So they toss it aside.  But what they don’t understand is that when this stone breaks, there will be a new stone, a stone that will never break.  And this stone will become the cornerstone.

None of the Schreiners have become masons.  However we all are held and knit together by our common belief in the living stone.  At Christmas we celebrate the historical fact that God became man, to die for the sins of all who would believe in him.

Dad continues to work tirelessly.  He teaches (worldwide), preaches, and unceasingly writes books.  This year Run To Win The Prize, and Magnifying God In Christ: A Summary of New Testament Theology were published.  In January he and Mom will be traveling to Cameroon, West Africa to teach and help dear friends and missionaries, Philemon and Linda Yong.

Mom serves alongside Dad.  She leads a few women’s Bible studies and has the full time job of keeping Anna in line.  She is regularly out visiting people in the church and giving the elderly ladies pedicures.  She is also constantly having people over.

Daniel and Ashley are still in Washington D.C. working at a church.  They are expecting a boy in mid January.  Mom and Dad can’t wait to have their first grandchild.  For a Christmas present Dan and Ashley are flying Mom up to D.C. to see the secret nameless child.

Hannah and I are still living in Louisville, while working (Starbucks/Bank) and going to Seminary.  We have been married a little over a year now, got a dog (Kirby), and are buying our first home.  We will also be going to Cameroon in January with my parents for two weeks.

John changed his major to PE/Health.  This summer he helped the Western Kentucky football team work out and he is now working at the gym on campus.  He is involved in Campus Crusade for Christ and helps lead a Bible study.  Every time we see him he has new facial hair.  Sometimes a beard, other times just a mustache.

Anna is in her senior year at Eastern High School.  She is following in the line of her siblings and going to Western Kentucky.  Her 4×8 team in track won state in the half-mile race this past year.  She is planning on majoring in dental hygiene.  She likes teeth and talking to a captive audience.

We pray that the Lord would bless you in the coming year.  We thank God that he has provided the ultimate blessing.  We pray that you would not reject this stone but come to him, Jesus Christ, who was broken for our sake, but God raised him.

He has become the cornerstone.

With all our love,

Patrick for the Schreiners

Patrick Schreiner

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