Why I Blog

Jesus commands us to be calculating people. “Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God.” As with consumption, this blog has a purpose.

The many trails of blogging have also caused the goal of this blog to morph and adapt.

This blog started as my archive (this was before Evernote!) I put down quotes, thoughts, and things I want to remember from books and concepts I am thinking through.

Doug Wilson said the following:

Read like a reader, and not like someone cramming for a test. If you try to wring every book out like it was a washcloth full of information, all you will do is slow yourself down to a useless pace. Go for total tonnage, and read like someone who will forget most of it. You have my permission to forget most of it, which may or may not be reassuring, but you will forget most of it in either case. Most of what is shaping you in the course of your reading, you will not be able to remember. The most formative years of my life were the first five, and if those years were to be evaluated on the basis of my ability to pass a test on them, the conclusion would be that nothing important happened then, which would be false. The fact that you can’t remember things doesn’t mean that you haven’t been shaped by them. At the same time, mark everything striking that you read — you won’t remember everything you read, and you won’t even remember everything you mark. Nevertheless, it is not a sin to remember some things, or to mark them in a way to be able to find them again.”

Second, it helps keep me writing and sharpens my thinking. I would like this to be a “blog seminar.” I welcome feedback because with many of the topics I am posting on, I am in the midst of processing. Therefore ideally this would be a place where good discussions take place. You must know that some of what I will post I do not completely agree with. Most of what I post I do want to explore further and again I hope to do that partially with my readers.

Third, to let people know of good resources and maybe release a few news stories. Media is ever changing. Now we can all be journalists and I think this in large is a good thing.

As with the rest of my life there will be many mistakes I make here, both in grammar and judgment. I will try to represent all views fairly but if I fail, please forgive me and let me know where I have gone wrong.

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  1. Patrick, thanks for the Doug Wilson quote; it’s great.

  2. How do I subscribe to your blog??

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